Cast Embellishments = Boredom at its Best

Some of you may know that I had foot reconstruction surgery and I’m now in week 6 of my recovery. I’m still not able to do much, because I’m not weight bearing yet AND I live on the third floor of my apartment…it’s a task just trying to get to my car. Since I have much more idle time than I would like, I started doing weird things. For instance, I made up dances with my crutches in my bathroom mirror and today, decorated my cast. But not the regular trimmings of colored markers and friends putting their quotes and random messages on your cast, Noooo, I went above and beyond. lol!! The funny thing about my cast embellishments, is that they’re not even Practical…just Boredem to the 10th Power!! Enjoy and comment if you like!!

Until the next time stay, “Beautiful, Sassy, and Sophisticated”!!

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated


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