Great Customer Service Shout Out to: Apple Store @ Flatirons Crossing

I just wanted to give a “Shout Out” to the Apple Store at the Flatirons Mall in Broomfield, CO. They gave me such “Over the Top” customer service today and I soooo appreciated it!!

I went in to get my laptop checked, because it was running slow and crashing. Also the topcase and the bezel was chipping and need replaced.  All this would have been covered under my Apple Care, but it had expired a few days prior. BUT they comped all the repairs and also while repairing it found that my battery was swelling and replaced that too!!

Love you Apple Store!! I Love my Apple Computer!

I had to acknowlege this Great Customer Service, because sadly I don’t see it that often anymore!!

Until the next time stay, “Beautiful, Sassy, and Sophisticated!!”

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated


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