Lucid Lip Gloss by Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives

Jennifer Williams, of Basketball Wives, tweeted: “My lip gloss line, Lucid, will be in stores soon.. Check out for updates and to purchase when its available. Thx xo!”

Can’t wait to try it out… Much success to you Jennifer!!

Until the next time stay, “Beautifully, Sassy, and Sophisticated!!”

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated



  1. Absolutely Can not wait……I love Jennifer and will be first in line to buy Lucid. I excited about the colors for the Chocolate sistas!!!

  2. i’m watching the final of basketball wives i don’t have know real freinds i’m a loner i would love to meet you and hang out just for a day. you just look like a cool black female.

  3. cant wait to try the lipgloss. need something fabulous for light skinned sistas. I AM THE LIPGLOSS QUEEN! Have to stay puckered up. take care Jenn.

  4. Congratulations Jennifer do your thing and handle your business. Please send out an email when your lip gloss is available online or in stores in Maryland, DC or Virginia. I’m praying for your happiness to be restored. Take Care

  5. I can’t wait to buy your new lip gloss. I love your style. Stay sophisticated and classy, you will be blessed. Be true to your heart and not what others think you should be feeling in your heart.

  6. Please let me know when the lip gloss line is launched for the public. I would love to buy some and post the prices and where I can buy the product.I saw the sample product on the finale show, great packaging.

  7. Can not wait to try your lip gloss Jen glad that your making your life head to the right direction in a career. Congrats

  8. good luck to you…i was sooo excited when you sadi you had your own lipglossb line i love love love lipgloss…so r u given out samples i would love one and let me know when they are available to purchase…also just wanted to say i felt liken any you handled your self well on the show…eric is missinout on a good thing…you might be a little high maintenence but what does that have to do with love not a thing he will see in the end….because they eventually grow up and want a family….mu heart just broke for you…i tryed to add u to my facebook but couldnt find any event you go girl!.

  9. Hello Jennifer, I cant wait until it becomes public. I really hope that it will be sold on your website. Honey please dont limit yourself only to makeup. Your a true “fashionista”. Get a line of maxi dresses out there with your own personal design. So happy for you, and God Bless.

  10. hey jen i want to try your lip gloss and i would like to meet you one day because i love the show. iam trying to started my own business.

  11. Hey,

    I met you in August in Miami in the Aldo shoe store…I dont know if you will rememeber that. My sister n law and I complimented you on how beautiful you are…You were so approachable and I want to thank you for that.
    But Big Congrats Girlfriend you do your thang & may God bless you in all of you indeavors. Stay humble.

  12. can’t wait to try your new lip gloss you seem to be a great person for choices in fashion and makeup just looking at how you wear yours and you have such good taste andi’m sure it wiil be a sucess

  13. Congrats on the lip gloss line!!!!! Pick your friends wisely, everyone around you is not happy about this. I saw it on the finale. I look forward to ordering.

  14. Very excited for you and your lip gloss/cosmetic line. I have no doubt your products will be unique such as yourself and their performance a class act. So happy to see you are focusing on you and handling your business. Looks like the skies the limit for you and we are in your corner all the way. Congratulations Jen.

  15. Hey Jennifer! So excited to buy your new lip gloss line! I hope if I can’t get it here in Memphis, that it will be available on-line.

  16. Hey Jennifer…. I am a lipgloss nut and I would love to try yours out. When and where can I buy it online???

    Ps. Your beautiful…. Rock that independant woman in you… It looks good on you!!!!

  17. jennifer your lip gloss line will do great i can not wait to purchase your baby! (lipgloss) good luck n GOD bless!!!!!

  18. I’ve been putting the word out from store to store including the military stores for your lip gloss. We watch the show out here in VA & we are waiting for your lip gloss line. Do not forget the military wives.

  19. I would like to purchase lots of lipgloss from your line to give to the young girls I mentor about having poise. I respect you because you are a strong black woman who keeps your business to yourself and of course I watched the show and my favorite part was when I noticed the jealousy on their face at your launch party because you are gettiing your own money now and they had no clue what you were in the process of doing That’s how you d it. I freakn loved it. Keep doing you and keep keeping ya business ya business.

  20. I watch the show an can’t wait 2 get my lips right! Sexy lips r evrything! Your lips always look hot! Nice colors an the right shine! Make’em POp girl! An good luck on everything. You look AMAZING standin on your own! love you on the show. Stay sweet, stay you! xxxoo!

  21. I can’t wait to purchase Lucid for me and my daughter! I think you have great style when it comes to makeup and fashion. Keep doing your thing, watch your back at all times, and stay true. GOD is smiling on you! Tell Evelyn’s crazy-ass I said hi!

  22. i totally agree with all the comments up here, u r classy and sassy pls continue to keep ur private affairs private never trust those shady girls, beware of lozado she is waaaaaaay tooooo shaaaaady.
    god bless u more make sure u supply cvs pharmacy with those popping colors,

  23. Hey Jen;

    I am glad you are coming out with the lip gloss line and hope much more will follow. I loved you on the show. My heart went to you and Eric and I hated to see you walk into that attorney’s office. From the show I saw two prideful people who love each other and both was waiting for the other to say “Baby, I want you let’s work this out.” Also, it seemed like you saw a side of Evelyn you weren’t expecting. I wish you many blessings in your life and hopefully GOD’S will you will have that wonderful husband who loves you for you and that you will have the children you desire. And this marriage will be a marriage that will last to the end of time. GOD Bless you!

  24. Jenn…you are quite the Southern Belle!…I love the way you carry yourself….Congrats on the new lip line….Hurry and get Lucid out on the market…I’m sSSSSSooooooo ready to SHINE!….Love ya!

  25. Girl. I watch the show everytime it come on. Do you boo. I cant wait for you lip gloss too come out. Im one of your biggest fans. Stay prayed up @ God will do the rest. Blessings unto you.

  26. Hi Jennifer, I can’t wait to purchase your new lip gloss.I wish I could have been at the lip gloss party,to try out the lip gloss. God bless you!!!!

  27. im from ga my name is maggie lawrence n i love lip gloss i support u keep ur head up from watching u on tv u r a very strong woman remember GOD MADE U I HOPE U GET THIS MESSAGE me n my friend sasha watch the show all the time let me know if u got this i support u me n my friend support u 100%

  28. Jeeeeennnnn, I love you!!!! I cannot wait to try your lip gloss line and add it to my makeup collection. Even my clients are asking about it, as I am a licensed makeup artist.

  29. love love Jennifer. She is the epitomy of class , grace and sophistication. thank you for showing the world that a black woman can be the opposite of negativity.

    love your style, everything is point.

    Thank you for showing the world that a young black woman can be poised and graceful and sophisticated.

  30. Hey Jennifer,

    I am really excited about your lip gloss line coming out. May you have a huge following. I know I will be amongst the fans waiting to purchase your product. Let me know if you need a lip gloss model.

  31. I’m very happy for you Jenn. Stay up. I can’t wait for your lip gloss to become avalible. Wish you the best!!!



  33. Hello Jennifer, Hope all is well with you. I cant wait to try your lipgloss. I am just waiting for it to come out so i can get mine. Congratulations and much success to you in your business ventures. Wishing you all the best that life has to offer you.

    God Bless!

  34. HEY! i love u jen you are my favorite! i cant wait to try your lipgloss! let your haters be your motivators boo and do you!!

  35. Jen, you’ve inspire me in so many ways by watching your show on basketball wives when it come to personal relationships and friendship. I travel to Miami three times a year. I met Evelyn at her store and was hoping to meet you. I think your a strong black female and I admire that.

    I love lipgloss and when I heard about your line, my cousin and I asked Evelyn ( she said no idea) so I researched and her I am. Can’t wait to try it. Best wishes and good luck! I know your line will be fabu!!!!

  36. Hey Jennifer,
    I am a fan. I think you are just beautiful. I hope divorce is working out for you. I would love to display Lucid Lips gloss in my salon.

  37. Jen, I really fell in love with the lip gloss colors you were sampling on the show. As an african american woman I would love to have them. I can’t wait until they hit the stores! Good luck and GOD blessings to you company.

  38.  just watched basketball wives here in Nigeria, africa.  love the shape, its beautiful,  can’t wait to try it on,  am looking to distribute outside america, is that possinble.

  39. Hi Jennifer, you are my favorite basketball wife. You represent for the dark skinned women. You are classy, beautiful and more importantly you respect yourself.

    I tried Lucid and i love it !!!! You will not only get a long lasting hint of color but the gloss last a long time as well. I intend to order the other colors. I hope that you introduce a full line of cosmetics. I will definitely be placing my order.

    May God continue to bless you !

  40. i am so happy for u and I am looking forward to purchasing your lip gloss. U go girl, do big and better things, congrads!!!

  41. hello my name is Nycole and I reside in kansas city how do I buy some of your products. feel to contact me at 913 653-5723 p.s I love your lipgloss

  42. Jennifer, I’m dissappointed in your actions on the show. Please, don’t think having money makes you better than someone else. You said that you were baptized, so you should be aware about “pride goeth before a fall”. God will bring you back down to earth! Watch your attitude towards others. In His love

    • I Think Jennifer carried herself very well. Real ladies dont throw shoes and jump over tables and slap each other. You are on the wrong web page.

  43. Jennifer
    You are a classy lady and you carry yourself wonderful. I would buy your lip gloss at anytime. May God richly bless you.

  44. Jennifer, May God bless you in your new venture; Be aware of those crocodile apologies. (keep your friend close and your enemy closer). Move on in your life… in a positive way. (life is too short for all negativities). I cant wait for your Lip Gloss to come to New York/New Jersey stores.. You are too classy for BBW. Leave those 2faced/backstabber/jealousy people alone.

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