Facebook Friday Friend: Eva Jane Bunkley

This Week’s Facebook Friday Friend

Who: Eva Jane Bunkley

Profession: Make-up Artist/ TV and Film Producer

Website: http://Eva-LutionStudios.com,


Eva represents my home state Ohio, The “O”, lol. I had the opportunity to go to, I believe, the first screening of, My Mother was a Butterfly, in Atlanta, GA. It was very moving!! It will really make you appreciate the relationships you do have with your parents. And even if that relationship is not there, Eva is a Beautiful example of an “Overcomer”! You CAN do all thing through Christ who strengthens you!! So check it out, buy a copy…you won’t be disappointed!

She also is an Amazing makeup artist. I have had the privilege of seeing alot of her work…she is on the list to be apart of my “Glam Squad” when I get married!

Bio: Eva Jane Bunkley is a 2 time Emmy Award Winning Celebrity Make-up Artist, turned telvision and film producer. It took her three years, but she has a completed feature length film under her belt. It is a documentary entitled, “My Mother Was A Butterfly.” It was shown in the 2008 Kingdomwood Film Festival and won first place! A short film that she did entitled “3 Days” also played at Kingdomwood, the 2008 Ohio Independent Film Festival and the 2008 Atlanta Juneteenth Film Showcase.

Read more:


“Eva I believe that you have Phenomenal talent! I know you have Much more success in your future and God is going to use you for so many Wonderful things! I’m proud of you and pray for tremendous Success in your life!!”

Until the next time stay, “Beautiful, Sassy, and Sophisticated!!”

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated



  1. WOW…Shemmyla…I am speachless. I didn’t even know such a thing is done…wow. I am so appreciative of your heartfelt words. Know, dear woman, that you have marked my life in such a special way by this gesture of love.

    Blessings on you…really…blessings on you…


    • Awwww! What you have said makes what I do all worth it!! I love to support and acknowledge people that are Passionate about what they do and that help others in the process. I believe we should appreciate and recognize each others accomplishments/successes more often. Being a “Hater” is senseless! It was Truly my pleasure!!

  2. What a beautiful beginning to setting people free. When I saw the love in your eyes towards ur husband and children I never knew ur story. Now I understand. My the harvest of love flow be never ending. I’m so proud of you. You had me with the title Butterfly. Go get those awards beautiful lady.

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