The “Smith” Dynasty is doing it again! Whip My Hair by Willow Smith

Kids grow up too fast. Nine year old Willow is already making her mark as a music artist, with her own fashion statement. Listen to her new song, “Whip My Hair” and tell me want you think…she has some nice vocals to be so young.

Until the next time stay, “Beautiful, Sassy, and Sophisticated!!”

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated



    • I know! It surprised me how mature she sounded! She most definitely has a future. She’s a cutie too. With two grounded parents, I don’t think she will get “Turned Out” like some of these girls.

    • It is catchy! And I was whipping my hair back and forth. lol. When grown folks are nodding to a 9yr olds music…it’s Good. I listened to it about 10x yesterday.

  1. hmm i still think she’s growing up a little too fast.. what happened to eating ice cream the whole on fridays? or going to the movies with best friends on saturdays?

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