Dublin, GA Passes Anti-Sagging Law


Are you tired of seeing peoples butts hanging out the back of their pantes, in the name of “Fashion”! Well Dublin, GA is too and they did something about it. Check-out this story.


Even some teenagers are tired of the “Sagging” Fad.

Until the next time stay, “Beautiful, Sassy, and SOPHISTICATED(this Really applies to this post) lol!!”

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated


One comment

  1. So here is the real deal!
    Sagging pants is totally stupid for two very important reasons.

    1. if your pants are naturally falling down you can’t run you can’t fight if any such emergency comes up you are totally screwed.
    2. “Sagging” originally came from prison. Sagging your pants told the others that you were “AVAILABLE” meaning hey boys I’m looking for a lover. (it is actually true ask anyone who has been in jail many many years ago when it started)

    but who cares if people want to wear their pants that way.
    It just means if they are criminals the police will have a MUCH easier time catching them and fags (no disrespect to them) will have a lot to look at. And people from jail will have a good laugh at people who haven’t been to jail but are ready for that kind of love.

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