Facebook Friday Friend: Maria Harper

This Week’s Facebook Friday Friend

Who: Maria Harper

Profession: Designer

Website: http://www.mariaharper.com/

I heard about Ms. Maria through a good friend of mine ,Nikki McAfee. She told me how Ms. Maria made her some custom made jean within minutes, when she was in High School. Now she’s in her 30’s and still talking about those pants….so Ms. Maria you KNOW you did a Great job, if she can’t get those pants out her mind! Lol!! Nikki also told me about how wonderful her other work was and how sweet Ms. Maria is, that I just wanted to experience it for myself.

Bio: Fashion Designer Maria Harper has been Atlanta’s best kept secret in the industry for years!!! She is recognized from coast to coast for her innovative, cutting edge style, and keen eye for fashion.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Maria began to sew at age 8 as her mother’s assistant making clothes for her and her siblings. But as life went on, sewing became a thing of the past. Until 1990 when a traumatic injury caused her to leave her job and dust off her sewing machine to survive, never knowing that her life would never be the same!

Maria’s work is well known and respected in the industry… so much so that she has never advertised! Her success was strictly built on word-of-mouth and it is still going strong! Her pieces have been featured in many publications and worn internationally by her celebrity clientele.

She specializes in all things apparel: Couture, Women/Men/Children’s Wear, Evening, Wedding, Sportswear, Film/Video Wardrobe and Costuming, & even Interiors!

While Maria continues to create custom designs for her customer base, after much encouragement from her clients & due to popular demand, Maria Harper Designs has begun ramping up to become more “retail” focused and is now beginning to launch her line publicly.  Her designs can currently be purchased through the Maria Harper Design Studio, her website (July 2010), local specialty boutiques in the Atlanta area, and will soon expand to other markets.

Maria credits her success to her love for Jesus and is grateful for her God-given talent that affords her to continue on this fabulous journey of fashion. She creates timeless creations from season to season that everyone is trying to get their hands on! She is the Queen of Fashion in Atlanta and is quickly becoming Atlanta’s Best Kept Fashion Secret REVEALED!

Ms. Maria, I just want to say, “I admire you and your work and keep on doing your thang!” I love it when good people succeed! Hopefully we’ll get to meet one day!!

Until the next time stay, “Beautiful, Sassy, and Sophisticated!”

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated



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