What is YOUR definition of Beauty?

Hey everyone!! In the world we live in today, especially with the influence of music, celebrities, models and the media; Everybody has their own definition of what Beauty is to them. So my question is, “What is your defintion of Beauty?” Starting your answer with, “I believe Beauty is _________”, write your definition and explain why you think this way.

I’ll tell you mine later!!!

Until the next time stay, “Beauty, Sassy, and Sophisticated.”

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated



    • It amazing the older you get, you find Joy and Beauty in the simply things. I guess that’s how it’s suppose to be in the first place. Thanks for posting Sam.

  1. I believe beauty is when you are finally fully aware in life of who you really are and you live it to the fullest with confidence. Nothing could be more attractive in a man or woman than someone who is living their dreams, has goals, vision, hope, energy, and when you encounter them they infect you to be a better person—it beats out great legs, gorgeous hair, and a wardrobe to die for any day!

    • Alyson you are Soo right. I told one of friend’s basically the same thing. Confidence and drive are very attractive to me. When someones hope, ambition and drive, amplified you and assist you in going to the next level….it’s a Beautiful thing. Thanks for posting!!

  2. I Believe Beauty ” IS “… the essence of ones consummate delight~ As in the beauty of His Holiness… or the Beatitudes …

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