Miss Jessie’s @ The World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show

This past weekend, I was a promotional model for Miss Jessie’s at the World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show. I worked with a Awesome team of Beautiful Ladies (and Gentlemen), include the Owners and Founders of the Miss Jessie’s products, Miko and Ti Ti Branch. These two women are amazing to me! In the Beauty and Fashion Industries, you find A Lot of people with Bozie, Funky, and Arrogent Attitudes. They were the very Opposite. They were gracious, caring, and patient with the staff and the show attendees…which was Not always easy!! They (attendees) had me speaking Shemmylian (my made up language, when I’m irritated)!! Lol πŸ˜‰

I always like to support Great Products and Great People, so if you have not tried their products…what are you waiting for? You can purchase them online at http://www.missjessies.com/ and if you are in the Atlanta area, they are being sold at Target!! Yaaaay!! Congratulations Miss Jessie’s! That’s a Huge accomplishment!

Below are a few pics from event, I will add more as I receive them. And also a video of my experience with some of their products. So Enjoy!!

Until the next time stay, “Beautiful, Sassy, and Sophisticated!”

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated


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