Some Will, Some Won’t…So What!!

Some will, Some Won’t… So What, Move On!! This statement is relevant to almost any situation that you will address in your Life! Some people will love you… some won’t, some people will be a true friend… some won’t, some people will support your goals…some won’t. But So What! We as individuals need to take responsibility for our own lives and realize, “I am the author to this book called, My Life“. You ultimately determine your Future and Happiness.  MOVE ON, move forward, stay Positive and Focused on your Goals. When you do this, eventually all the people and support you need will meet you on your Road To Success!!

Your homework: Get a emotional release from every situation and person that has a negative effect on your life. Still love your friends and family, but you can’t pull everyone along with you on your journey to success, because they have their own journey to travel. Don’t allow them to pull you down, because they don’t understand the goals you have set for yourself!! Keep me updated on your progress!!

Until the next time stay, “Beautiful, Sassy, and Sophisticated!”

Ms. Sophisticated aka Shemmyla Green


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