Pressure: Life’s Diamond Factory


Real Talk/ Straight Talk

Life is a wonderful gift that we’ve been given, BUT it is not always Easy! You will, at some point, have Life Pressures that will test your Strength and Will to Succeed. Do Not let lifes trials make you Give Up on your Goals and Dreams! Past the test, Press through and go to the next level of success. It’s seems like in most Success Stories that I have read, Breakthrough came right in the midst of the storm. So don’t let your emotions, people, and problems get the Best of you!! You’re stronger than you think you are. There are people that are waiting for you to fail and  people that are waiting for you to succeed…who are you going to Prove Right??? It’s your choice; stay a piece of coal or become a diamond!

I know this is for someone out there! Love Yall

Until the next time stay, “Beautiful, Sassy, and Sophisticated!!”

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated


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