Clara Aker Benjamin

clara-aker-benjaminI absolutely Love this photo!! This is soo beautiful to me. It combines an older ancient look with a modern haute couture! Tell me what you think!!

Stay “Beautiful, Sassy and Sophisticated!”

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated



  1. Ancient look ? That women’s look is a present reality, just as much as the clothes she is wearing, don’t turn her into the exotic because there isn’t enough non-white fashion models. Any way, I love this image too.

    • Hello Daria,
      You don’t have to agree with me. But YES Ancient, let me explain. The look of the photo, as a whole, is not just your normal, present day Black and White photo. The colors are more muted like you would see in Ancient times.

      Ancient: belonging to a distant past and no longer in existence.
      For Example, like the pic I added above.

      I was not talking about the clothing, that’s why I put, ” It combines an older ancient look with a modern haute couture! ”

      And YES Exotic!
      Exotic: Originating in or characteristics of a distant foreign country.

      Clara Aker Benjamin is clearly not an American, she’s a Beautiful Woman from South Sudan…so yes Exotic describes her.

      I put this pic on here to appreciate the beauty of this photo, not about comparing ethnicities or races. My blog is all about being Confident and Beautiful from the inside out, so you can truly appreciate others beauty, no matter who they are.

      But thanks for your comment anyway. 🙂

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