Loooove U some, U!!


Hello My Lovelies,

I want you to take a moment, after your done showering, before you put on your clothes, makeup, hair, teeth…whatever you do and spend some time with yourself! With no distractions, alone with your thoughts and you being total natural and ask yourself, “Do I Love Me?” Do you love yourself without the clothes, the makeup and all the other adornments? Do you love yourself without the money and success? Do you think you’re beautiful, regardless if someone tells you, you are, that day? Do you think you can conquer the world enough if you don’t have cheerleaders and a support system who’s there for you? Loving yourself frees you to love others and to respect yourself without compromising who you are, to appease others.

The most Beautiful people I have seen, in my opinion, are confident and don’t feel like they have anything to prove to anyone, but yet they still do! They don’t have to boast about themselves or ridicule others…they walk with their heads held high and they just have that IT factor, Self Love!!

I Love being me! There are many Gorgeous women in the world, but I don’t want to be any of them! I know that I am unique and have something special to share and accomplish. I look forward to my accomplishments and failures in my life, because they mold me!

Learn to Love yourself, flaws and all!!

Until the next post stay, “Beautiful, Sassy and Sophisticated!”

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated


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