PASSION: The Road Map to Your Destiny


Many of us started a course in life, after high school, and really didn’t know what we wanted to do. Some of us didn’t have parents or mentors that were business savvy or had  knowledge on how to guide us to our destiny, because they weren’t living theirs. As we continue to live in this state, we will come to a point in our lives where we are not satisfied, at all, where we are and we desire to find our place in life and what our purpose is.

I truly believe we all have a purpose. We’re not on this Earth completely ignorant and clueless to what we’re suppose to do, even though it seems like that sometimes! Most people were taught, “Get a good job with benefits, even if you don’t like it, and establish job security.” This is ok, I guess, if you just want to go through life and not actually Live your Life!! Besides today we have NO job security anymore and many jobs don’t have benefits. And there is more to Life then Work, like enjoying Family, Friends and fulfilling your Destiny!

I believe the combination of your passion and natural abilities makeup your internal compass that is trying to lead you to your Destiny! There is something that you can do effortlessly that others can’t do as easily or naturally as you can, that’s your natural ability. You may also have an intense desire or strong emotion toward something and you don’t know why, this is your Passion. Passion + Natural Ability = Success!!

Let me give you an example. I’m a natural counselor; it just comes easily for me. People have been coming to me with their problems, concerns and for advise for as long as I can remember. I was like a mother figure to many people, so they started calling me ShaMama!! Lol! My passions are for people’s total well-being, beauty from the inside out, and science (physics and astronomy), I know you didn’t except that! So I combined these elements by doing this Blog and fashion/lifestyle consulting, I feel gratification and I’m establishing success on my terms!! I’m not totally where I want to be, because I just truly discovered this, but now I can actually see the road.

In many success stories you will see this equation, but no one(at least from my knowledge) has ever broken it down with such simplicity. After you begin doing what you’re passionate about, it is like a domino effect, other things you desire to do will come your way. So you never know what I will do with science in my Future!!

Your assignment is to write down your natural abilities and your passions and see if you are working toward your Destiny. If you are, GREAT! If not, write down the things that you can do, so you can begin to make that transition. Lastly, I want you to take a personality test. This will help you gage what type of person you are and some career fields you may want to consider. Go to and take the test.

I hope this will and has helped you out! Give me some feedback and let me know the out come of your test. FYI my personality results were INFJ.

I look forward to hearing from you, but until then stay “Beautiful, Sassy and Sophisticated”!!

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated



  1. I really needed that post because I am in that situation right now, where I’m trying to figure out “why am I here?”. I know what my passion is and I would love for it to eventually pay the bills someday.

    My results were ENFJ…and that’s so me!

    Thanks Ms. Sophisticated!!!

    • Maybe what you can do now Ms.McAfee, is try to find a job that allows you to do what your passionate about or it is at least is on the same lines as a your passion. Work this job and do your business p/t , until your business can pay the bills!!

      You’re on the right track!! Keep pressing it will be worth it!!

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