POLE DANCING No Longer TABOO, but a Mainstream Exercise!?!

In times past, women from all over, including myself, would have NEVER considered even touching a Dance Pole, let alone taking a class for it!! But times have changed and Pole Dancing Classes have become the NEW exercise CRAZE!!

It’s not just the Twenty Something crowd taking these classes; it is truly mainstream. All types of women are participating, from housewives to moms and students to businesswomen. Whether they are conservative or party girls, it doesn’t seem to matter! I have heard from many ladies that it is REALLY FUN! It gives you a GREAT workout, boost your self-confidence, and shows you a new way to entertain your man!! It sounds like a package deal to me!! 😉

Ladies, tell me what you think! Would you take a pole dancing class? And I would LOVE to hear from the men too! What is your opinion about your woman taking a pole dancing class? Would you agree or disagree with it and why?

I REALLY look forward to hearing from all of you, but until then stay “Beautiful, Sassy and Sophisticated”!!

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated



  1. I would totally take a pole dancing class! I think it would be great exercise and my man would love it too! Where can I take a class in the Atlanta area??

  2. Pole Dance 411 is located on 749 Moreland Avenue
    Bldg C-201 Atlanta, GA 30316. They are in the Little Azio Plaza. They were also used by The Real Housewives of Atlanta(FYI). Soo, have FUN and let me know how you like it!

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