Insecurity as a Personality Accessory? This is a Character Faux Pas!!


There are three types of people that I’m going to point out. Their maybe others or a combination of a few, but let’s focus on these three:

  1. The Arrogant – the person that thinks they are more superior than everyone else, they have a deity complex and they are very condescending when they speak to others
  2. The Critical – the person that analyzes and criticizes everything and everyone, they give their opinion even if you did not solicit it and usually it’s negative
  3. The Victim – the person that thinks they are always taken advantage of and they are usually very critical of themselves

We have all come into contact with these people over the course of our lives or maybe you are one of the three. Even though these three personalities are very different, they stem from the same root of INSECURITY!!

In my opinion, Insecurity comes from a lack of confidence and love of your whole self, flaws and all! I believe that if you truly loved yourself correctly, you would have a greater respect, care and support of others, because you would no longer see them as your Competition.

As a whole, we as people need to do better. My assignment for all of us is to make a list of our Strengths and Weaknesses. Write down how you and others can capitalize off of your Strengths. Then write down how you can strengthen your Weaknesses. You should strive to be the BEST You, You can be, because you were Beautifully and Uniquely created for a purpose! You’re not an Accident!! Next make the effort to treat people better. Give people Real, not Fake compliments, assist those that need help, celebrate with those that are advancing and sympathize with those that are going through hard times.

Let us begin our Personality Makeovers together, with the goal in mind to be Beautiful and Fabulous from the inside out! And wearing Confidence like a new pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses! Lol!

Let me know what you think about this and keep me posted on your progress, but until then stay “Beautiful, Sassy and Sophisticated”!!

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated



  1. WOW!!! So true!! I think I have all 3 personalities at my job. Thanks Ms. Sophisticated!! Great assignment!!

    • Ms. McAfee, you should have your co-workers read the post, so you all can do the assignment together!! Just a suggestion.

  2. Yes, I do agree! I believe that we all have something special. I thought that this blog was awesome! Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Thanks Shan! That’s why it is so important for us to focus on bettering ourselves instead of critizing others. You will achieve more progress in every aspect of life that way!

  3. Thanks Girl! Its great to be reminded that we all have a purpose in life and we should all make the best of it. It only takes a small effort to help other and yourself to become a better individual.

    • Yes you’re right man! It’s those small efforts that mean a lot to people and it’s those small efforts that put you on the course of becoming the person you want to become!! Thanks for the comment!!

  4. This is one thing I am afraid to admit, but need to….I am one of them. So, I will be taking your challenge and will be writing my strengths and weaknesses with the help of some constructive criticism of loved ones…always helps to have an outsiders opinion too. Great job keeping it real!

    • Courtney, I appreciate your honesty. The truth is all of us have flaws and weaknesses. But what differentiates the confident person from the insecure, is the love of themselves and their willingness to approve in areas that are needed! It looks like your well on your way to being Self-Confident and Beautiful from the inside out. Keep me posted on your progress!!

      • I have admitted and written both my strengths and weaknesses and stopped myself a few times from nitpicking someone walking past me. No small feat for me so I’m pretty proud of myself!

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