80’s trends for Fall ’09!?!

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! The 80’s are back for Fall ’09!! I’m talking about the cute, hot, sexy 80’s. Not that I was totally (just partially) against the neon tights, skinny jeans for men and bad Mohawks. This Fall we’re looking at leather from head to toe, The Sassy Rocker Chic, strong shoulders, sparkle and shine!! I’m Excited!! Fall is my favorite season anyway for Fashion! Ok yall, look at the video and tell me want you think! Also, think about some trends you would like to see come around again for this Fall season and let me know.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you…until then stay “Beautiful, Sassy and Sophisticated”!!

Shemmyla Green aka Ms. Sophisticated



  1. I thought that the video was very informative. I like the boots!!! Those boots were bangin! I don’t really have a favorite style, but I did like the glitter dress. Keep me informed on the trends, being a @ home mom, I want to stay instyle. Love you girl, keep doing your thing:-) Nikki

    • Thank you Nikki! Those boots were hot though…with a long sleeve scoop neck shirt, chunky long scarf, silver hooped earrings, cute hat and a over size bag!! I can see it now!!hahahaha!! Thanks again for the comment! Love ya too girl!!

  2. Hey girl, seeing this makes me ready for the fall!!! Thanks for the info girl. These outfits are too cute!!!

    • They are cute aren’t they!! Ii gives you an idea on what to incorporate in your wardrobe this Fall!! Thanks for commenting!!

  3. OMG… The 80’s are really coming back!! I went to H&M recently and they have an entire 80’s section. It’s crazy!! I saw zippers in pants; jeans with sewn in knee pads and yes the dreaded big shoulders!!! UGH!! I am not a fan of the big shoulders at all!

    The video was GREAT!! It makes me want to go to NY right now. I absolutely loved all the sparkles!!

    I want to see more leg warmers and fingerless gloves!!

    GREAT INFO! Thanks!!!

    • Leg warmers and fingerless gloves would be Great to add on to the 80’s trends for Fall!! I Love leg warmers!! Great suggestions…Thanks!! Glad you like the post!!

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